Friday, October 30, 2015

The Last Witch Hunter

On leave... birthday leave.  We are granted a birthday leave and we can take it anytime in our birthday month.  Already planned to go to my doctor after getting the result of my sonomammography.  Would also visit my nephew who was confined yesterday at Makati Medical Center.

Took first my result.  Result of my sonomammography is:

Distinct solid (right) and hypoechoic (left) masses with suggestively benign sonographic features.  Clinical correlation and short-term follow-up by sonography after 6 months suggested to monitor stability.  Simply cysts, bilateral.

BIRADS Category 3.

Then went to my doctor's clinic and have me listed.  Clinic starts at 1PM.

Proceeded to my nephew's room while waiting for my appointment.  Had lunch at Pancake House in the hospital and waited at the doctor's clinic.

After my check-up, walked my way to Ayala Center.  Took me 12:40min/km for my 1.20km walk.  I think I'm getting slow...

Bought discounted movie ticket for The Last Witch Hunter.

Cursed with immortality by the witch queen he killed, he is again the world's last protector against the resurrected queen.  There's action, the paranormal, special effects.


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