Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas List Count Down

Prepared my list last night.

Paced 12:29min/km for my 1.39km walk.  Should aim for 12min/km pace.

When I checked online, movies being shown at Glorietta 4 Cinemas are Cinema One Originals.  So, did not check what is actually shown in the theater.  Should have known.

Claimed my free meal of Sicilian Chicken Salad from BPI Amore at Italianni's.  Added an order of Four Cheese Penne.

Decided to look for gifts.  Went to It's Personal!  Originally thought of giving throw pillows; but, it seems it won't work for boys/men.  Decided with a personalized tumbler (gave mousepad last year) plus a coaster.

Then, to National Bookstore for Didache.  Still not available.

Many stores are on sale.  Tempting to buy more gifts.  But somehow, not in the mood.  So, walked and walked.

Attended the anticipated Mass and had dinner at Pancake House.  Was picked-up by the driver.  Stopped first at Pet Express for Tsubasa's dog food before proceeding home.


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