Sunday, November 01, 2015

Undas 2015

Woke up really early as we would be going to Manila Memorial Park to visit the grave of my aunt (my Nanay's sister) and uncle.  I'll have Edgar (driver) and Lyn with me.  Used to bring Nana with me so she can also visit but because of the accident, she won't be able to.  Left the house around 4AM.

Stopped by McDonald's, Kabihasnan branch, for our very early breakfast.  Also bought to-go for the house and Jessie, who would be staying at Sgt. Mariano Cemetery for the day.

Then proceeded to Sgt. Mariano Cemetery where my Nanay and Tatay is buried.  Was waiting for Jessie to arrive but it is getting late.  Left the flower to Mang Tyoping so he can give it to Jessie when he arrives.  Also gave Mang Tyoping the breakfast.

Slept as soon as I arrived home.  Woke again around 11AM for lunch.

Left again for the cemetery around 2PM with my niece, nephew and his wife, Ate Baby and Marysan.  Also have Luis, son of Edgar.  Aside from visiting my Nanay, Tatay, Lola Clara, Lolo Gorio, Uncle Popo, Uncle Eli and Uncle Nes, visited the parents of my Tatay.  I have asked Mang Tyoping to clean their grave every year.

For pagpag, we went to Pancake House at Magallanes for meryenda.


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