Thursday, July 15, 2021

Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Took a leave today as I would be going to Makati Coliseum to take my second dose of #COVID19 vaccine.  Since there is really no schedule, compared when I took my first dose where an SMS instructed me the venue and schedule (date/ time).  I was told to just go back for my second dose as scheduled and not wait for an advise.

There were already many people there even if I arrived earlier (compared when I took the first dose).  There is already a process in place that going from one step to the next is easy.  Although, I noticed that the people who came is mostly there to take their second shot.  There are no people in the area for the first dose of the vaccine.  It also took me longer to finish.

After, went to Glorietta.  First stop is Digital Walker where I bought an AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones at PhP1,000.00 off.  Next, bought dog treats at True Value.  Have COVID-10 vaccination card laminated at National Bookstore.  Food-to-go at Wendy's.

Before proceeding home, passed by Pet Express for more dog treats.

Since I am already out of the house, at least, make the most out of it.  😀

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Movies Galore

Decided to do movies today.  Was able to watch six (6).

The Remaining is an American horror film about a group of friends who are forced to examine their lives when the Apocalypse strikes.  It is not really gruesome like most horror films are treated.  I like the message of the film.

Theatrical release poster

Maledicto is first ever local movie produced by FOX centering on demonic possessions amidst the highly-religious Philippines.  Father Xavi is a former psychologist who became a skeptic exorcist when his sister died a tragic death.  He meets Sister Barbie with a gift of charism who insists that Agnes, one of her students, is possessed.  Like.

The Plague is about the world's children under the age of nine who went on a catatonic state in 1983.  Ten years later, these kids wake up and hell bent on killing the adults.  Hmmm...  Hmmm....

Theatrical release poster

And finally, the three Kung Fu Panda movies.  Watched this before in the cinemas.  Just want to watch it again.  Luv it!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Groceries And Movies

Time to do groceries.  The Landmark Supermarket opens at 8:30AM.

Woke up late, thus, left the condo around 9AM.  Even so, was able to finish my groceries quickly (unlike before during the start of the pandemic and lockdown where everyone is worried if they would be able to buy things they needed that you have to queue for a long time).  Went to Beard Papa's.  It is open but they are still baking their goodies.  So, went to Tiger Sugar to buy my ice cream--still have a taste of milk tea even at home.

This time, watched three movies in Netflix.

Theatrical release poster

The Reaping is an American psychological horror film about Katherine Winter and her colleague Ben who investigate claims of miracles.  Before she was asked by a teacher from Haven to investigate the occurrences there, which the local believe to be biblical plagues and blaming a girl to be the cause, Katherine receives a call from a friend, Father Michael Costigan, telling her a warning from God, which she chose to ignore.  Halfway through the movie, I realized that I already watched it.  But even so, still liked it. 


Fear Street Part 2: 1978 is the second of the Fear Street series.  It is about two sisters, Ziggy and Cindy Berman, one of which managed to survive the serial killing instigated by witch's curse.  Better than Part 1.

Theatrical release poster

And finally, Monster Hunter.  From a video game to a film.  Like.  Lots of action.  

Earth and the New World is connected through a portal.  US Army Ranger Captain Natalie Artemis is pulled into this portal by a storm cloud, which brought her and her team to the New World.  She lost her team when large and savage monsters attacked them.  This when she meets a Hunter.  What I like is that when she was able to go back to Earth, her new friends came to fight the monster who was able to crossover.  Captain Artemis is also willing to go back to the New World to close the door/ portal to protect Earth from these monsters.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The 8th Night

 Another respite from my American television series in Netflix.

Release poster

The 8th Night is a South Korean mystery, thriller film.  Not the usual horror film but I like it.

A group of monks were tasked to watch that the two mysterious beings locked separately in two caskets never meet.  If one awakens, it will infiltrate seven weak human hosts in order for them to assume their form.  A former exorcist was born to stop these beings.  He was then advised that one of the beings has awakened.  He begins the hunt to find the being to stop it from causing havoc on the earth.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Fear Street Thunder Force

Respite from my American television series (which I am already in Season 6 for the three series) are Fear Street Part 1: 1994 and Thunder Force.


From a teenage horror fiction series written by American author R. L. Stine, "Fear Street" starts in year 1994 where the city of Shadyside is said to be cursed by the witch Sarah Fier in the 19th century.  Not really scary.

Release poster

And then, there is "Thunder Force" a superhero comedy film where two friends became heroes due to the research and scientific breakthrough of one of them to stop the Miscreants, sociopaths with superpowers when Earth was subjected to cosmic rays.  Ho-hum...

Saturday, July 03, 2021

Rust Proofing, Fabric Protection, Ceramic Z-Gloss

Today is the schedule for my Toyota Avanza's rust proofing, fabric protection and Ceramic Z-Gloss at Ziebart.

On the way to the car where Edgar, the driver, is waiting, saw this in one of the units' door.

#SalamatPNoy #PaalamPNoy #PNoyRIP

The Avanza is already at Ziebart.  I will just go there to pay so that Edgar would just have to pick-up the unit once it has been serviced.  We will be able to get back the car on Monday.

Before proceeding home, passed by Wendy's to buy food-to-go as my "angel" would again be out this weekend.

Thursday, July 01, 2021


Scheduled to have my rapid antigen test at the office.  So instead of working from home, decided to be work onsite.

Negative.  Thank, God! 🙏

Also, got a free lunch of Kenny Rogers. 😀