Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Girl Who Sees Scents

Another Korean television series I like and can repeatedly watch.

A Girl Who Sees Scents is adopted from the KTOON webtoon of the same name.  

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Choi Eun-seol (Shin Se-kyung) arrives home to find her parents murdered by the Barcode serial killer.  When the murderer was distracted, she was able to escape but is hit by a car.

On the same night, Choi Moo-gak (Park Yoo-chun) went to the hospital to visit his younger sister, Choi Eun-seol, who got mild injuries in a bus accident.  She is his only family.  Upon arriving, he finds his sister dead with her throat slit.  Being traumatized by his sister's death, with no sleep and constant pain, he lost his sense of smell and taste and unable to feel pain after he fainted and pronounced clinically dead.

Six months later, Choi Eun-Seol woke up from her coma with no memories and her left eye turned green.  With no scientific explanation, this is where she was able to "see" scents as visible colors and shapes.  The lead detective, who lost a daughter, adopted Eun-seol to protect her and named her Oh Cho-rim.

After three years, the two was fated to meet.  Cho-rim who was able to adjust with her ability is a cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a comedian.  Moo-gak changed from his warm personality to a stoic, emotionless man who left his job at the aquarium to become a police officer, hoping to catch his sister's killer.

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Friday, April 09, 2021

Secret Magic Control Agency

 A respite to my South Korean television series is an animated spy, fantasy, adventure, comedy film Secret Magic Control Agency,

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Another adaptation from Brothers Grimm story "Hansel and Gretel'.  This time, Gretel is an agent working with the Secret Magic Control Agency.  A few days before the king's birthday, he was kidnapped.  Gretel is tasked to look for the king.  But she has to work with her brother Hansel whom she disowned for being a charlatan.  Anyway, the truth will out.

It is fun and quick-paced.  Luv it!

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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Flower Boys Next Door

Finished another Korean television series in viu.

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Flower Boys Next Door is a romantic comedy based on a webtoon.

Go Dok-mi (Park Shin-hye) is a shy, frugal freelance copy editor who refuses to leave her apartment or interact with people as much as possible.  This is brought about by an incident while she is in school.  She had fallen in love is her neighbor across the street, Han Tae-joon, as she peeks using her toy binoculars as he goes through his daily morning routine.

Webtoon artist Oh Jin-rak (Kim Ji-hoon) lives in the same apartment building/ floor with Dok-mi who has been in love with her since they moved in to their building.  Anonymously he leaves a post-it with drawing attaching it to Dok-mi's milk carton.  Jin-rak's drawing partner is Oh Dong-hoon (Go Kyung-pyo) who also lives with him.

Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi-yoon) is a genius video game developer who returns to Korea from Spain to be "cupid's arrow".  Although he is in love with his best friend Yoon Seo-young, she has feelings for his older cousin Tae-joon.  He intends to play cupid for the two.  Geum would be staying at his cousin's apartment.

Watanabe Ryu also moved in to Dok-mi's apartment building at the same same day Enrique arrived from Spain.

Then Geum catches Dok-mi peeking at their apartment with her binoculars.  Naturally curious, Enrique decides to find out why Dok-mi is living in recluse.  Jin-rak is threatened by this.

With all these men entering her life, Dok-mi's world is turned upside-down.

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Took the rapid antigen test today.  Negative for COVID-19.  Thank You!

Monday, April 05, 2021

Full House

 Back to a South Korean television series, watched Full House in Netflix, of a romance comedy genre.

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Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) is an aspiring scriptwriter who lives in a house built by her late father and named it "Full House".  Her two best friends tricked her in leaving her house by making her believe that she won a free vacation.  This if for them to be able to sell her house.  If I have friends like them, I'd rather not have one.  LOL.

Lee Young-jae (Rain) is a famous actor whom Ji-eun met on the plane.  Through comedic encounters, Ji-eun was able to go back to Korea with the "help" of Young-jae (since she lacks money nor have a return ticket).  Back home, she realizes that Young-jae was the one who bought her house.

Somehow, they agree to live together with Ji-eun becoming Young-jae's maid until she is able to buy her house back.  Then, they went on a contract marriage in order to make Rain's crush, Kang Hye-won, jealous.  They will have a divorce after six months with Full House returned to Ji-eun.  Add to the mix is Yoo Min-hyuk, a smart and rich playboy, Hye-won's one-sided love, and who took interest on Ji-eun.

Frankly, I do not understand if Ji-eun is thick-skinned or just plain stupid.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Pride & Prejudice

 A respite for TV series, watched the movie Pride & Prejudice.

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This is one of the many film adaptations of the Jane Austen's novel of the same name.  

There is also a film with the twist, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I like.  Hehe!

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I have been picking-up "gem" after "gem".  And I am not complaining... 😃  

Caught Sungkyunkwan Scandal in Viu.

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Set in the era where females are not allowed to be educated or employed, Kim Yoon-hee (Park Min-young) disguises herself as her sickly brother Kim Yoon-shik to make ends meet for her family.  Yoon-hee's talents were acknowledged by the upright Lee Sun-joon (Park Yoo-chun) when she gets caught for being a substitute test-taker for the upcoming entrance examination.  Sun-joon encourages her to take the test, which she passed and was "ordered" by the king himself to stay at  Sungkyunkwan's dorm.  There, she has to endure the endless mischief of Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki) who suspects she is a girl, and constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in).

Yoon-hee/ Yoon-shik, Sun-joo, Jae-shin and Yong-ha became known as the "Ravishing Quartet".  Hehe!

Luv it!  Can watch this again.  Second lead syndrome also does not fail.  Weh!

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Remember You

Another gem!

Found this in Viu.  Luv all the actors.  What is nice, I remember them from other Korean dramas I have watched or watching.  Seo In-guk as Kang Woo, the bodyguard, in Master's Sun; Park Bo-gum as the crown prince in Love in the Moonlight; Choi Won-young as Chief Gwi in Mystic Pop-up Bar, even Do Kyung-soo as the crown prince in 100 Days My Prince.  Specially liked the acting of Park Bo-gum.

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Also known as "Hello, Monster" and "I Remember You", Remember You is a South Korean series about a genius profiler Lee Hyun (Seo In-guk) who returns to Korea because of a case which triggered a memory which he thought he lost forever.  He eventually joined a team in the police force, with one of its members, unknown to him has been investigating him because of his relationship with Lee Joon-young (Choi Won-young) who killed his father and for his brother, Lee Min/ Jung Sun-ho (Park Bo-gum), to be gone missing.

A crime drama thriller.  It has a lot of lessons imparted.  Although there is romance thrown, it is more on brotherly love, family and friendship.

I can repeatedly watch this!

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